Nicholas Campbell
George Murdock

Directed by  Stephen Gyllenhaal

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LP: Varese Sarabande Records
STV 81239   (P) 1985
-  not available on CD  -
 part of LP cover
Side One   1. Theme From Certain Fury - Scarlet and Tracy's Song (2:48)   2. Tracy Into Tears/Scarlet's Theme (2:08)   3. Crystal's Hit (4:10)
*4. The Cab Ride (1:58)   5. The Drowning (3:26)   6. Escape To Nowhere (2:28)   7. Final Confrontation/Fire In Her Eyes (4:20)

Side Two   *1. Lost And In Trouble (0:32)   2. Tracy's Childhood (1:00)   3. Going Down For Air (2:20)   4. Scarlet Saves Tracy From Fire (1:36)
5. Spire - Freeman Theme (1:33)   6. They Think We're Dead (0:55)   7. Sniffer's World (1:08)
*8. Scarlet And Lover Boy Talk/How Do You Erase All Of This? (3:23)   9. Sniffer, You're A Freak/Take One Step And I'll Kill You (1:41)
*10. Welcome To The City (1:50)   11. Fire In Her Eyes (3:26)

All Selections Written By Bill Payne   Except (*) Written By Bill Payne And Russ Kunkel
Music Composed And Produced By Bill Payne, Russ Kunkel And George Massenburg

Recorded at The Complex, Los Angeles
Sequenced by Tom Null   Mastering Engineer: Michelle Stone
Matrix: Ric Hancock, Jim Limbean   Production Coordination: Karen Stone   Manufactured at KM Records

©1985  Manufactured by Varese Sarabande Records, Inc. 13006 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, California 91605.

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